A Matter of Taste Cafe

While doing a photo walk in Dade City we became thirsty and hungry. We passed a few quaint looking places and decided on A Matter o Taste Café. We didn’t know it from A Matter of Taste on Urbanspoonany other brown door we passed in Dade City, just that it was the one convenient when we pulled the mental trigger on doing something about our hunger. We strolled in and were able to sit right down. I could quickly tell it had been there a while with a warm friendly small town feeling. The patrons were giving off a positive vibe which encourage us to continue to a table. We were quickly greeted by an enthusiastic and friendly waitress who quickly grab a couple of cold sodas. In reviewing the menu I spotted a Cuban which I consider a mainstay in the Tampa Bay area. I was also sold on a crab biscuit type thing I hadn’t heard of before. Any time I can get crab instead of American fries I’ll give it a try. I also opted for the black beans and rice side dish to keep it slightly healthy. If figure if you can’t make a good Cuban, you probably can’t make other dishes with more complex flavors. My dad ordered a big Caesar salad with grilled chicken. I’m not sure what was up with the momentary health kick but hey every health meal counts.

Our meals arrived in a reasonable time period, fresh and hot with a smile. I took a quick bite of the crab fritter and was confident we made a good choice. I realized this could be a little better with some Crystal Hot Sauce to spice things up, and I was right. Crystal on the crab and Crystal in the beans and rice. Crystal makes most food better. The Cuban was fresh, moist and served on fresh flakey bread. The flavors were solid individually but were great in combination with one another. A bite of crab with rice and beans made an exceptionally tasty bite.

Overall you can probably tell I would recommend A Matter of Taste. It is a great place to swing in when exploring the quaint downtown area of Zephyrhills. If you go to Dade City be sure to look this up before you go or take your phone so you can navigate to it. You can learn more on their website here.